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What happens on a run?

At the moment our membership is full, but we hope to offer another Couch to 5K session at some point in 2021. Each session starts with a welcome, chat and warm up at our host facility Les Cadeaux. It's really important that you're here for this bit as we want to avoid injuries and get to know you! We'll then head off to the new flat path in Darton Park (daytime sessions) or out along the well lit Barnsley Road (evening sessions during winter).

Week by week we'll be following a modified version of the Couch to 5K plan, which is designed for people who have no running experience. The 30 minutes we spend on the run will be a very slow paced 'walk a bit, run a bit', gradually increasing the seconds spent running each week.

At the end of our run we'll return back for a cool down, drink of water and opportunity for post-run chat! As we are an informal social group the main aim of what we are doing is to improve mental wellbeing by increasing activity while meeting with like-minded mums.

To help encourage you to continue running outside of our sessions, you will also be introduced to two of the most popular Running Apps, Couch to 5K and Strava. They're really user friendly, easy to use and will help you maintain motivation!

We have 5 run times each week from Beginners through to Marathon Training - all sessions are currently full but to be placed on the waiting list please do contact us.

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